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A video detailing main aspects of the Shiraz Rosetta Solution
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Shiraz Rosetta Introduction

With the introduction of the Shiraz Rosetta RIP that is the culmination of over 25 years of continuous development and innovation a new benchmark is now set for sophistication, intuitiveness and completeness.

The user is no longer required to choose between affordability and features needed. Everything that is possibly necessary is included and can be utilized as the production requirements grows and/or business directions changes. Scale-ability and ease of it removes any potential worries in business decision making and enables one to focus on the other aspects with full confidence on production side.

Other important factors in selecting your ideal solution should be the after sale support and maintenance. Latest cloud technology embedded with Rosetta package means that any issues encountered can be addressed and resolved promptly. From remote support to access to the latest patches and updates are just a click away.

At Shiraz Software we are particularly proud of the array of technology solutions and products that help large format print industry users in diverse application markets from professional photography, fine art, print display to large corporate customers. Today we are hard at work developing the next generation of products and services that can continue to improve the digital printing industry.

We take pride in developing forward-thinking solutions that help our customers stay ahead of the curve. Our product development teams follow a systematic approach to developing new products – listening to and collaborating with our customers, generating ideas for new products and services.

We are committed to driving continued technological progress, setting new industry standards, maintaining a strong commitment to innovation, and increasing the pace of our new product development and speed to market.

field provenCore Technologies

Proven Print Engine

With over 25 years of continuous development, the RIP engine that lies in the heart of all Shiraz products is truly a reliable and mature power house. All file handling and image processing are managed accurately, speedily and efficiently for perfect print out every time. From everyday jobs to the most complex and heavy workloads one can depend on its performance.

Live Printer Status

The system constantly monitors and updates live date from connected printers. The information retrieved are then used for production management and media matching to avoid any costly mistakes. Any serious problem reported back from the printer is immediately highlighted to the operators for corrective actions.

Scalable Solutions

The architecture is designed to be a flexible, open and scalable one. Solutions can start from a single device/user and grow all the way to a client/server setup with multiple users and devices. All these while maintaining the current investment as well as requiring minimal learning curve. Connect your e-commerce site through our powerful API and plugins.

Hyper Threading

By employing the latest software technology and advanced techniques to take advantage of the latest generation of hardware the RIP is able to fully optimise and spread the RIP workloads. Multiple processes are automatically kicked off to execute a number of tasks simultaneously for efficient use of the available resources. All this translates into a fast and reliable system.

Ownership Options

With new trends in acquiring software packages some customers are now opting for the lease option that offers upfront financial and tax benefits as well as the flexibility to pass on the cost to their customers. Additional perks include ongoing upgrades and maintenance. For price conscious customers we offer a yearly lease that reflects a major saving on the monthly option.

Sophisticated Colour Management

A vital part of the solution that ensures accurate and predictable colour output. This task is seamlessly executed with every print and its complexity hidden from users who simply selects the required media. All colour spaces, spot colours  and embedded profiles are recognised and processed accordingly. Additional benefits include ink saving and print mode optimisation.

Back End Server

The integrated server module manages and processes all incoming jobs for output on to the designated printers. Jobs destined for the same media can automatically or manually be nested together for the best use of the media. Additional features such as costing and consumable usage reporting and daily logs are all standard features.

Major Brands

An important and critical part of all our solutions are the printer drivers and associated media profiles for all major printer manufacturers. This is only possible by the long and close cooperation with our respected partners. Our access to low level technical information and actual devices well before their public launch ensures that our customers will always be up to date.

Support Tools

As part of simplifying and enhancing the user experience all aspects of the RIP configuration, operation and maintenance is carried out by employing the Internet. From the installation of the core components and adding the latest drivers and media profiles to the product licensing, latest fixes, enhancements and remote support all are carried out rapidly and with ease.

Cross Platform

Every user has his or her own preferences when it comes down to using computers. This is the reason that we have designed and developed all our products to look and work the same regardless on the operating system that they are running on. For sites with mixed setup it is also possible to install the various components of the RIP on the preferred platform.

highly flexibleRIP Architecture