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more than an easy and intuitive printing solution, Studio gives you all the tools you need to easily and quickly create and output your print jobs

01 Job Designer

Use the various mode of operation to design and prepare your images for print. From the simple Original to the incredible Wall Art mode all tools are made conveniently available to users for fast and efficient operation. Selected photo packs can be easily and quickly be populated by images by drag and dropping them on the required area. Additional image editing such as rotation, mirroring and zoom & pan can be applied to these placed images if needed. Images can also be retouched in the powerful and easy to use Image Editor. Optional print marks such as crop marks and job labels can be automatically added to jobs if required. All the complicated issues associated with printing images accurately and efficiently on large format printers are effortlessly handled by the system.

02 Layout Preview

This is where all submitted jobs are managed and processed for output to the connected printer. It includes all the features and functionalities of a high end print server. All incoming jobs are checked against the currently loaded media size and type. Any mismatch detected such as the wrong media type will automatically hold the corresponding jobs till the right media type is loaded. Similarly if an incoming job cannot be fitted to the current media size then it will also be held till the right roll size is loaded. Jobs that are sent for automatic nesting on the same media are efficiently grouped and nested together. Nested jobs can be examined and manually edited if required.


03 Template Editor

Users can create and add their own custom photo pack templates by using the editor included. This powerful tool includes many features that allow for easy and accurate creation of templates. Text boxes could also easily be added to contain any free form text or be linked to a photo element in order to utilise the exif data or file information associated with the placed images. Special functions for creating canvas wraps and panoramic type templates are included. The size and type of canvas borders such as mirror, stretch etc can be specified here. Background images can be placed with full transparency control. Any number of photo pack categories can be created that enables the user to logically organize their templates.

04 Wall Art

The unique and comprehensive function for designing eye catching canvas arrangements and wall paper production. In this mode of operation users have the freedom and the tools to create canvas designs that are simply works of art. Simulated view of the design in room situation can be realized for customer approval including 3D rendering of all canvases wrap. Additionally the background image can be divided into tiles of user defined sizes with or without overlaps. If employing a printer that can print in borderless mode then the operator can specify this option that will automatically adjust and compensate for all the shifts and edge to edge printing.


05 Template Packages

To simplify and optimise operation user can create template packages that contains various sizes and arrangements. Examples of these include wedding and school packs and many others. The elements within the pack can be filled with the same image by one click or alternatively only be applied to a selected number of them. Additionally it is also possible to design and create multi-page templates such as albums and calendars. Images with transparencies, text and borders can be employed to enable sophisticated and attractive finishes. All these templates can be assigned to hot folder for automated production.

06 Accurate Preview

Preview of the selected images shown in this module is an accurate rendering of the image as it would be printed using the selected media profile. This so called ‘Soft Proof’ can help the operator to examine and decide the course of action before commiting to an actual print that can result in wasted time, ink and media. Additionally the user can see the colours that are out of the gamut (painted in pink) and can not be reproduced accurately, Gamut Warning. It is also possible to view the colours of the printed image based on the actual media white point if required. By changing the media profile the user can refresh the preview to see the effect of the new setting.


07 Image Editor

Employ the comprehensive list of colour editing features available here to visually alter and enhance images. There is a before & after preview of the image being edited. Any changes are shown instantly and all previews are colour managed to show the colour changes very accurately. Special filters can be applied to images for specific effects such as sepia and duotone. Other filters available here include sharpen, blur and noise reduction. The colour balance of the images can also be adjusted to correct colour casts. Images can also be cropped and sized accurately here including biometric passport overlays for most countries.

08 Picture Framing

A comprehensive set of tools is available here for designing user defined borders of any dimensions and colour that is then applied to selected images. Up to four borders for inner and outer perimeters of the image can be devised. Additionally custom framing feature enable users to select and add from a list of standard and user frames to simulate the finished job. Canvas jobs requiring wraps of various types and sizes can also be easily made if required. Image manipulation including zoom and pan can be utilised to size and position images within the frames exactly as needed.


09 Image Browser

A fast and fully featured image browser allows users to visually locate and inspect the required image files that need to be printed. Extensive information about selected files is shown that can be examined by users. All images are fully colour managed and represent an accurate visual of the final print. Files can be sorted by different criteria and searched for by different keys. All the usual file management tools are available for user’s convenience. Favourite folders can be added to the list for quick access. Once the required folder is selected then thumbnail of images can be drag & dropped on to the design area for further manipulation and editing.

10 Wallpaper Design

A very powerful and useful feature of the Studio application is the ability to tile and divide large images to required panel sizes for wallpaper prints. User can specify the required tile sizes as well as any overlap required. These overlaps can then aid the accurate mounting of the wallpaper on the wall. Tiles can automatically be sized for uniform tiling or any user-defined values.  Tiles can be deselected for printing as well as reverse printed for accurate colour matching for adjacent tiles. Additionally users can specify the optional feature of borderless printing on devices that support this feature so that printed panels can be printed without requiring any additional trimmings. The tiling arrangement is clearly shown on the design window so that operators can quickly and accurately position the tiles.


11 Design Preview

This very useful features enables users to visually verify the final designs and jobs as well as the ability to create final proof for customer’s reference. In the Layout view mode the actual placement of the print relative to the current loaded media on the printer is accurately shown and any changes to the job setting is reflected live. The designs can be viewed in various room mock ups to check for the suitability of the design and its dimensions. Additionally for canvas wraps and wallarts it is possible to view these in 3D projection in order to check the wraps and accurate simulation of the final prints.

12 Canvas Wrap

The most comprehensive and powerful canvas wrapping system on the market allows you to create canvas gallery wraps with a number of different wrap options including mirror, stretch, auto colour and others. Additionally a user defined blur filter can also be applied to the wrap to give a more pleasing finish. The user can interactively zoom & pan the image on the canvas area to get the best visual placement possible. For easy of application and finishing additional white space margins can be added to the canvas wrap that also saves ink usage. For visual checking and verification the canvas can be viewed in 3D view and customer proof can also be produced that places the canvas design in various room views.

Canvas Wrap

13 Art on Demand (Web2Print)

our unique AOD solution can provide access to wide source of high value digital content, on-demand via cloud, enabling secure and safe usage of digital content for printing. By incorporating unique secure streaming technology and delivering the content on-demand from source to print, all assets are protected and royalties are appropriated fully. The complete end-to-end solution enables users to publish images directly to their online shop and automatically process and print any orders placed on their site. Browse and select high quality licensed art by different criteria for your printing projects and only pay for the exact usage of them. Customers can rest assured of the authenticity and quality of their prints.

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