New Generation Of Drylab Printing Solutions

sophisticated and fully featured RIP software for the simplest to the most challenging production sites
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01 Front End

A fast and fully featured image browser allows users to visually locate and inspect the required image files that need to be printed. Extensive information about selected files is shown that can be examined by users. All images are fully colour managed and represent an accurate visual of the final print. Files can be sorted by different criteria and searched for by different keys. All the usual file management tools are available for user’s convenience. Any number of user configured job submission widgets called Printflows can be setup that the user then simply drag & drops selected images on to them for processing and printing. Printflows contain all the essential job parameters and settings in an easy to use format.

02 Print Server

This is where all submitted jobs are managed and processed for output to the connected printer. It includes all the features and functionalities of a high end print server. Group of images submitted together are batched and processed for fast and non-stop printing. Utilizing the smart multitasking of the system with multi core hyper threading the RIP processes multiple images simultaneously at very high speed. All incoming jobs are checked against the currently loaded media size and type. Any mismatch detected will automatically hold the corresponding jobs till the right media is loaded.

03 Job Editor

A sophisticated and interactive job creator that allows users to visually check and edit their print jobs before submitting them for production. This powerful module includes many features that enables users to very easily and accurately create the more complex print jobs such as photo albums, greeting cards and calendars. Images with transparencies, user defined text, exif data utilization, photo packages, wallets, image borders and many other tools are included. User defined photo templates can be added and used by users if required.

04 Image Editor

An intuitive and dedicated image editor designed to carry out specific tasks. These include sizing and cropping to standard print sizes as well as passport and ID dimensions as specified by various countries. It is also possible to manipulate colour and apply various special effects and filters. A ‘Before & After’ display enables users to accurately preview the changes before committing them to print. All images are colour managed and simulate the print conditions on a calibrated monitor. All editing steps can be saved under a filter name that can then be applied to batch of images for quick editing.

05 Template Maker

Users can create and add their own custom photo pack templates by using the editor included. This powerful tool includes many features that allow for easy and accurate creation of templates. These include auto positioning and alignments, step and repeat, frames and many others.  Text boxes can also be added to contain any free form text or be linked to a photo box in order to utilize the embedded file information associated with the placed images. Background images with transparencies can be used for making photo albums, greeting cards and calendars.

06 Printer Status

Detailed information about the connected printer and various settings for the media type and dimensions are found in this window. There are also remote printer commands that execute different procedure such as head cleaning and media calibration on the printer. The system constantly monitors and updates the information displayed here. The information is also used by the system for production management and media matching. Any serious problem reported back from the printer is immediately highlighted to the user for urgent actions, these include media and ink out, door open, connection problem etc.

simple steps…perfect prints


    Use the image browser to locate and select the required images from all local or network drives.

    Drag & drop images on the pre-configured printflows to send jobs to the server.

    All submitted jobs are checked by the system for any mismatch with current printer status.

    All similar jobs are grouped together for a fast, efficient and non-stop printing processes.

    Multiple jobs are ripped simultaneously at super speed for fast and efficient printing.

    Connected printer is checked and prepared before processed jobs are send to it rapidly.
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