Major New Update – Build 20230

Shiraz Software is pleased to announce a major new update of the Rosetta RIP for the latest Windows and Mac OSX platforms. Included in this new release is the full integration of the Art On Demand (AOD) secure print streaming system that allows access to over 10,000 high quality licensed arts from many top publishers and artists. Please click here for detailed information.

Also included on the build 20230 are a number of new printer drivers for major brands. New Colour module now allows for easy and simple steps of profiling the new generations of Contone devices from Canon, Epson and HP. Major updates of the core engines including the Adobe PDF library and Little CMS ensure full compatibility with the latest PDF 2 spec and ICC profiles. Additional enhancements and fixes also makes this new update a must have update for all existing Rosetta users who as part of their lease contract are entitled to all updates.

The new Mac installer has also been tested on the new macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) beta version and we are happy to claim the full compatibility of the Rosetta RIP with our tests so far.