A face lift plus a whole raft of new drivers

As part of our commitment to ongoing improvements and developments to the state of the art Rosetta RIP solution, we are pleased to announce the latest update that is available now.

On the UI front a delicately designed new interface that retains the familiar intuitive look and feel but at the same time shows off the clean and sharp new look. At Shiraz Software we firmly believe that a powerful and sophisticated engine under the bonnet requires an equally matched beautiful front end. After all how many ordinary looking Ferraris do you see out there!

We have also been very busy adding many of the latest devices from all the major OEMs such as Canon, EPSON and HP to our list of supported printers for the latest Windows and Mac OSX 64bit platforms. For the complete list of supported printers please refer to the Printers list on our website.

Our research and development on the unique web to print and automation as well as our patented secure print streaming technology is continuing and now has the endorsements and support of many renowned brands in the business. Watch this space for some game changing technology and solutions that are in the pipeline and will be announced in due course.

Finally we would like to thank all our ever expanding loyal customer base from around the globe for their ongoing business and encouragements and pledge our commitment to improving this essential tool for their business. We love to hear your from you weather an existing or potential new customer trialling the Rosetta. Tell us of your experience and feedback so that we can improve things.

The build 22060 is available to all Rosetta subscribers free of charge and can be downloaded from our cloud storages. Please contact us for links and any other queries.