Biggest update of the Rosetta RIP to date.

Shiraz Software has just announced the release of the Rosetta build 23070 that contains many new and improved features.

These new features include a complete new client application called Surface for handling oversized jobs. Utilising an innovative and unique approach that enables users to create any tiling layout required in a few simple steps. Background images of vehicles, exhibition stands or any other objects can be overlayed to assist with the tiling design. Please refer to the Surface module page for more information.

A first for the Shiraz Software is a contour cutting module that fully integrates with the OptiScout digital finishing system. All the features offered by this sophisticated cutting solution is fully supported and the Rosetta RIP can now be a major part of any print & cut workflow that utilises the OptiScout or OEM compatible systems.

Another new major features that is introduced with this new build is our intelligent and versatile load balancing module. For users who require an easy and efficient automatic job distribution and duplication across their printing devices, this feature is an invaluable option. Virtual printer queues can be configured to include any of the available physical printer queues available on the Rosetta Server in a ‘group’. Each of these queues can be configured with their own operational parameters and printing configuration. Once a Virtual Queue has been configured then its a matter of drag & dropping images and folders onto them using the Carbon client app or the hot folders system.

Finally a number of new printer drivers for all major brands have been added and compatibility with the latest Mac OSX 13 and Windows 11 been confirmed.